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Women's Multi

Herb Valley’s Multi Vitamins & Minerals


Many women I consult with skip breakfast, grab a wrap with very little salad and have meat and vegetables for the evening meal which is probably the most nutritious meal they’ve eaten all day. This doesn’t include the cake at morning tea or any other snack like a sugar laden chocolate bar, not to mention what they may drink. When I observe these daily eating habits it is obvious to me that these women do not get enough vitamins and minerals and other vital nutrients. The common symptoms these women have are tiredness and fatigued, poor resistance to infection and poor quality and length of sleep.

A multi vitamin and mineral supplement is necessary as a foundational supplement just to improve these basic nutritional needs and more so if they are using oral contraception, as this increases the need for vitamin B6, vitamin C and zinc.

Additionally, our bodies have a limited capacity to store specific vitamins and minerals. For example water-soluble vitamins, including vitamin C, biotin and the many B vitamins aren’t stored in your body in significant amounts. Because many food choices vary from day to day regular supplementation will help prevent imbalances.


Herb Valley’s Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplements would be worth considering in the following cases:

  • Poor food choices
  • Elderly due to an aging digestive system
  • Vegetarians who often need extra iron and vitamin B12
  • Help with maintaining metabolic function which would in turn aid weight loss
  • Women with heavy periods who may suffer from anaemia
  • Alcohol drinkers, dependent or otherwise – Alcohol depletes a number of nutrients


Fortunately Herb Valley’s Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplement provides these vital nutrients.


Yours in Good Health


Jeffrey Edgecombe

Naturopath - Herb Valley